Steve Landry


Dr. Stephen G. Landry became Seton Hall University's first CIO in 1997. As CIO, he was responsible for implementing Seton Hall's Mobile Computing initiative, providing laptop computers to all undergraduate students and faculty, and served as the internal Project Manager for implementing the University's Banner administrative system. More recently, he led Seton Hall University in moving the bulk of IT services to the cloud, using a combination of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and SaaS solutions and supported the University opening a new Interprofessional Health Science Campus, located in Nutley, NJ. He has responsibility for the University's academic and administrative technologies, networking and telecommunications, and user services. Before becoming CIO, Stephen Landry was a faculty member in the department of mathematics and computer science and served as one of the co-chairs for the University's strategic planning committee. He received his PhD in mathematics from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, in 1989. He lives in central New Jersey with his wife Theresa and two children. You can follow Steve on Twitter at @landryst

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