Steve Hairston


As a cybersecurity subject matter expert (SME) within the risk management domain, I have been recognized for my knowledge of cybersecurity, information assurance, privacy, and other domains within the IT industry. My work has shaped my understanding of the impact that federal, state, and local compliance laws and regulations have on higher education, as colleges and universities compete for research grants that directly contribute to schools being able to provide the best education possible. This fuels faculty and student success. That success can directly result in an increase in college enrollment or have a negative effect on schools that do not have sufficient funding, because they cannot effectively compete for research grants.

A key focus of my work is ensuring that colleges and universities within the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain, are sufficiently ready to comply with various DoD and other federal agencies research-related compliance requirements. This includes HIPAA, CMMC, PCI DSS, as well as state and local requirements. Addressing the needs of education — by helping schools meet their contemporary needs, to enable schools to have sufficient funding to conduct cutting-edge research that can expand opportunities and improve learning, and offer innovative, challenging, and supportive research environment for decades to come. 

I earned my M.S. in information assurance and network security from Capitol University. I am a retired US Navy veteran.