Steve Olshansky


More than 20 years of business and technology experience. Focus has been on enabling and enhancing collaboration and knowledge management within and between organizations. Experience includes developing: technology strategies in support of business goals, Internet-based business applications, large-scale website and corresponding information architectures, knowledge management and electronic performance support systems, online communities and social networking, and online training and education. Key goals are integrating and aligning technology with business processes - providing support to organizations large and small. Worked extensively in the public and private sectors, improving efficiency and productivity. Successfully managed large IT consulting and software development projects, as well as high-visibility web development efforts, from initial design through deployment. As of 2014, Trust & Identity Program Lead with the Internet Society. Was with Internet2, the foremost U.S. advanced networking consortium, from 2001-2014, and since 2011 served as Director, Federated Technologies. Has been working on a variety of projects focused on the development and deployment of next-generation federated identity and access management infrastructure, aimed at reducing the friction inherent in secure cross-domain collaborations and resource access for both public and private sector institutions. Much of this work was under the umbrella of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Middleware Initiative, and later the NSF Software Development for Cyberinfrastructure program. Had also been working on a variety of projects under way in the Internet2 Security area. In addition, was working on developing the potential of client certificates into real deployed intra- and inter-domain services (e.g. VPNs, authentication and multifactor authentication, signed documents, signed email). Holds a B.A. in Political Science from Colorado College, and a M.S. in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is a member of ACM and a Senior Member of IEEE.

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