Steve Salik


Steve Salik has almost twenty years of instructional and technology experience that span the government, academic and corporate realms. Currently a member of the Instructional Design Group in the College of Business at Arizona State University, he is participating in the creation of an online MBA program. As a former member of the College of Extended Education at ASU, Steve also provided a range of services which ran the gamut from training faculty and faculty associates in the use of Blackboard and other online instructional tools, to the planning, design and implementation of additional solutions to enable online learning.

As one of the team members responsible for the initial recommendation and implementation of Blackboard, he has used the product since version 1.5 and is often described as a "power user." Steve has acted as an informal consultant to other institutions regarding the implementation of Blackboard and presented on ways in which to enrich Blackboard courses with streaming media. He is currently completing an Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. at Arizona State, and his research interests lie in the area at which technology, learning and culture intersect.

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