Steve Gilbert


Steven W. Gilbert founded the Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) Group, an independent nonprofit organization, originally affiliated with the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE), in January 1998. Previously he had been with EDUCOM since 1983, serving as Vice President, and then came to AAHE as Director, Technology Projects, in July 1993 where he developed the TLT Roundtable concept and the AAHESGIT Listserv. He is a frequent guest speaker, consultant, published author, and keynoter at campus events and conferences, having visited more than 500 colleges and universities since 1994.Gilbert continues to moderate the TLT-SWG (formerly 'AAHESGIT') Listserv for the discussion of issues related to education, technology, and change (currently about 6,000 subscribers). He develops activities and projects to improve and extend academic programs through 'Collaborative Change' by building better bridges between academic leaders, including faculty, administrators, and academic support service professionals and others committed to improving teaching and learning; and campus professionals and vendors with expertise in information technology and information resources.He also runs the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) Program and the TLTR Collaborative Change Network -helping individual colleges and universities plan and organize for the improvement of teaching and learning through more effective use of information technology and resources. More than 500 institutions have already launched local Roundtables.At Educom, Gilbert created and led the Educational Uses of Information Technology (EUIT) program and the Educom Software Initiative (ESI) from 1985 through 1993. EUIT and ESI were volunteer programs involving 3,000+ campus and corporate officials, including 800+ voting participants. Gilbert also launched Educom's Corporate Associates Program (1983-1993) promoting the active corporate participation and support of over 100 companies. Earlier (1984-1986), Gilbert developed and directed the Educom Computer Literacy Project, surveying and facilitating the efforts of colleges and universities to help non-specialists use computers.Before Educom, Gilbert was a management consultant in philanthropy, advising corporations and foundations in the area of education and technology. His career began as a teacher and school administrator, including teaching mathematics and science at every level from K-12 at Princeton Day School, and teacher training in Princeton University's Teacher Preparation Program.Gilbert has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics was from Princeton University. He also earned an Ed. M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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