Stewart Wolmark Wolmark


Stewart Wolmark is an American actor, born October 20th in Chicago, Illinois. He acted and graduated from the New York Theater Film and Radio Academy. He has played on stage, on the big and small screen, and gained popularity thanks to his role in the TV Series 'ÂœBetter Life'. Stewart Z. Wolmark certainly belongs to the legendary class of fine actress of our cinema. He is known for playing in great movies, great plays, and he performed in the New York Drama Theater. In more recent time, Stewart Wolmark decided to try his luck with editing and this turned out to be a huge success for him. In 2012 he was nominated for three AFN awards, two for acting and one for editing. Today he splits his time doing both things, and enjoys the company of his wife and their three children. He is currently living in Hialeah, Fl, but travels to Los Angeles frequently. Currently, Wolmark is working on more significant projects on modern day TV, like for example the NBC TV series 'Constantine'. He was one of the editors, and the whole process turned out to be very fun for him. It is a real shame that the producers have decided to cut the show, especially after it just started to raise its fan base and ratings... You can read more about him on his Zotero profile