Subha Ramiah


A business savvy technology executive turned entreprenuer with an Ivy League MBA. Founding partner and CEO of LinkQED LLC a US based technology startup with strategic partnership channels and expert off-shore service delivery model. LinkQED focused on delivering learning management solutions to US global enterprises and educational institutions. Eighteen years of experience in all facets of Information Technology services with increasing level of responsibilities in five Fortune 500 companies (Technology, Telecommunication, Retail, Global Multi- Media, and Specialty chemical manufacturer). LinkQED provides simple utility based learning service infrastructure for customers. Its cost effective management software, standards based content design and “on-demand” learning technology infrastructure guarantees to reduces customer’s enterprise learning costs. The company’s off-shore partnership, experience and laser focus on learning technology provides the best-of-breed à la carte menu. Using this labor arbitraged portfolio of services, customers can move from their current static learning/training systems to closed-looped, rich, interactive multi-media and pedagogy based instructional designed solution at their own pace.