Sue Workman


Sue B. Workman is the Vice President of IT Services and CIO at Case Western Reserve University. She has responsibility for enterprise systems, research technology, teaching and learning technology, IT security, as well as IT services and support. Sue serves on the President's Cabinet and President's Council, where she works with the university leadership to accomplish the campus strategic goals. Sue serves on various advisory boards for Adobe, AT&T, and Dell, and serves on the EDUCAUSE Core Data Survey Panel. She has served on many other EDUCAUSE committees over the years and is a frequent presenter and author. Sue previously served for 23+ years at Indiana University, and the last 7 as Associate Vice President for Client Services and Support. Prior to IU, Sue managed many functions in a small software company, and prior to that was a systems engineer at Hewlett Packard.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Central IT Support Services
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports

    This CDS Spotlight focuses on data from the 2012 Core Data Service to better understand how higher education institutions provide central IT support services.

  • Partnersourcing Your IT Service Blueprint
    • Article

    Insourcing and outsourcing are not your only options — there's also partnersourcing, or collaborating with a trusted partner to develop and deliver the best possible support services.

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  • IT Issues Panel
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  • Core Data Service Advisory Group
    • Member: 2011 - 2014
  • Constituent Group Leaders
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  • EDUCAUSE 2012 Program Committee
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  • MWRC06 Program Committee
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