Suri Anantharama


Suri is a dynamic, results-oriented, tech-savvy professional with more than 18 years of experience in several IT roles including IT Leadership, Programming, Project Management, Systems Integration, Database Architecture, and Product Evangelism. Wearing the hat of 'business analyst' with empathy, he specializes in providing innovative solutions to customers. Known as a 'Creative Problem Solver' with customer groups, he always has an answer or finds one. He currently serves as CTO @ Sonline LLC providing IT Solutions on the SMAC [Social/Mobility/Analytics/Cloud] stack. Suri use to lead technology efforts at BOSS Solutions as their Chief Technology Officer. BOSS is Atlanta based technology company that provides Infrastructure products / solutions to hundreds of organizations across USA. Suri manages a multifaceted team of consultants that is responsible for product management, projects, solutions integration and customer satisfaction. He is an expert in pioneering strong relationships, translates business needs to technology requirements and specializes in developing ITAM / ITIL solutions for K20 (schools & colleges), banks , libraries & local government organizations!

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