Susan Reeves


Susan McKenzie Reeves is the Operations and Support Manager for the Watt Family Innovation Center at Clemson University. With degrees focused on Information Systems and Human Resource Development, McKenzie Reeves has built a longstanding career in IT management and vendor relations. Her time has primarily been spent working in various departments across Clemson’s campus, including the College of Engineering and Sciences and the Clemson Computing and Information Technology office as the director of software and licensing databases; contract negotiations with vendors; and server and support administration.

From early conceptions of the Watt Center in 2015 to present-day reality, McKenzie Reeves has been instrumental in sourcing, contracting and implementing digital signage systems for the building. Her acquisitions for audiovisual systems, including the 200+ digital screens at the Watt Center, have totaled more than $12 million. Using these audiovisual capabilities, her expertise contributes to the dissemination of real-time information and advertisements about a diverse range of topics, from campus events to emergency preparedness information.

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