Svetla Sytch


Svetla Sytch is the assistant director of privacy and IT policy at the University of Michigan. In this role, she works with partners across the university to craft strategies and lead operational efforts that weave privacy, policy, and data governance into the way the university engages in its teaching, learning, research and administrative activities.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Privacy Perspectives
    • Multimedia

    What are privacy officers talking about when they talk about privacy? And why is it important?

  • Data Privacy Day 2021 Outreach: Six Words about Privacy
    • Blog

    Boiling thoughts down to six words highlights what people consider to be the most important dimensions of a topic. On Data Privacy Day 2021, we look into the topic of privacy through the lens of the University of Michigan’s Six Words about Privacy project.

  • When Privacy Becomes a Thing
    • Blog

    Privacy officers at higher education institutions are in a unique position to go beyond data protection legal requirements and provide privacy management education and tools to the people we serve today, so they can demand more privacy protection from the world outside academia tomorrow.

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