Tasha Almond-Dannenbring


Tasha Almond-Dannenbring is a Strategic Project Manager at Unicon who has worked in the field of data and analytics for Higher Education institutions since 2010. Tasha works with clients in their analytics initiatives to bring meaningful results by assisting in data preparation, visualization, and driving data literacy throughout the organization. As a Strategic Project Manager, Tasha understands institutional data structures and how to effectively manage, interpret, and utilize that data to inform decisions. Tasha graduated from the University of South Dakota with a PhD in Educational Psychology and Northern Illinois University with a MS in Educational Psychology. She is also a member of the Graduate Faculty at the University of South Dakota, where she serves as a methodologist on dissertation committees. Tasha contributes to the higher education industry through conference presentations on data policy, institutional research, and analytics. She is on the Steering Committee for the EDUCAUSE Student Success Analytics community group and co-authored the Student Success Analytics framework.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • A Framework for Student Success Analytics
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports
    • Author

    This framework introduces users to the four central components of a student success analytics initiative—Preparedness, Outcomes, Analysis, and Decisions—providing a shared point of reference for institutional stakeholders.

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