Teddy Benson


Mr. Benson is a respected leader in software development. At 12 years of age, he attended his first college-level computer course on operating systems. At 14, he began working in the programming department of the US Lackland Air Force Base Medical Center, using and designing database and client-server mechanisms. He went on to attend Florida State University with a focus on programming ideology and artificial intelligence. After graduating, Mr. Benson started working in IBM as a developer of multimedia drivers, real motion video capture /playback software, and hardware as well as telephony voice recognition and response unit software. Mr. Benson moved on to CEN, Inc., an Internet company, as the lead developer of their Internet front and back-end infrastructure. He designed secure credit card transaction software for use on the Internet and real-time data collection and storage of Internet-based events. Mr. Benson moved to Siemens where he developed telephone switching architecture, intelligent call routing with a real-time desktop display, and real-time video conferencing to stream over ISDN lines and the Internet protocols. After eighteen months, sought after by Lockheed-Martin’s e-commerce integration group, and hired to design and implement e-commerce solutions to their government commercial customers. Three years later, he met up with five fellow technical associates and founded the company Channel Intelligence, Inc. developing a technology that connects shoppers with retailers through their brand website and digital advertising media. This company grew to six locations worldwide with 162 of the Internet fortune 500 as major clients. In 2012, Google began to notice and eventually purchased Channel Intelligence, Inc. Mr. Benson joined Google to assist in the migration of Channel Intelligence systems into Google’s infrastructure as well as continuing the data integration and data analysis customers. In 2015, Mr. Benson joined Disney’s RM&A DDSI team as the Director of Data Integration. He has four patents, three pending, all in the field of computing and methodologies of computing; has written computer articles for various technical journals, spoken on computer security and computer forensics and is recognized as an expert witness in federal courts of the State of Florida. He is an avid runner, a fan of Star Wars, tinkerer of electronics, into 3D printing, all about being green, old-school video gamer, a hobbyist in wine, poker player, and amateur prestidigitation of magic.

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