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Terence Ma, PhD, has served dual roles throughout his career in academia and in technology. His focus and passions are (1) how do we know that students have learned what we said we taught, (2) how do we know we taught what we said we taught and (3) how do we use technology to facilitate learning. He currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Educational Information Resources in the Office of Medical Education and Professor of Anatomy and Structural Biology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Ma oversees the Office of Educational Informatics and all educational technologies for the College of Medicine and the Office of Educational Resources, which is responsible for all course/clerkship and program evaluations. Additionally, he has led the team implementing technologies to support interactive learning in repurposed spaces at the College of Medicine He has served as a chief information officer, medical school associate dean, higher education faculty member, research scientist, and entrepreneur. His areas of special interest are in evidence-based education, design of learner outcomes, curriculum mapping, and the use of technology in higher education.

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