Terrill Gilley


Terrill [TAIR-uhl] is a native of North Carolina, where he presently resides with his wife and two children. He lived in Central Florida for over a decade, where he took up bass fishing, meat smoking, and alligator hunting. Terrill is also a coffee aficionado, an experienced carpenter, an ordained minister, and a musician. When he is not working, he is likely out on the tractor or taking on a “fun” project from his wife’s Pinterest board.

Terrill has worked in education and technology since 2006 and has had roles as a Network Administrator, Academic Coordinator, Registrar, LMS Administrator, and Director of Technology. Under his leadership, he helped his former school create automated, efficient, and scalable solutions. He has experience with institutional mergers and the unique challenges associated with system integrations and team assimilation. 

He has a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and leverages his expertise to support and encourage institutions of higher education and non-profit institutes, specifically in areas of technology, automation, and efficiency, with a particular focus on creative solutions for critical tasks. His experience also includes faculty and staff development as well as instructional design for online pedagogy. He enjoys collaborative efforts to create practical solutions to routine tasks and challenges.

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