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Thomas B. Cavanagh, Ph.D. is Vice Provost for Digital Learning at the University of Central Florida (UCF). In this role he oversees online learning for one of the nation's largest universities, including program and course design, development, and assessment. In his career, Tom has administered e-learning development for both academic (public and private) and industrial (Fortune 500, government/military) audiences. A regular presenter at academic and industry conferences, he is an award-winning instructional designer, program manager, faculty member, and administrator. Blended learning is a frequent presentation topic and he has spoken both domestically and internationally on its design and implementation. Tom has served on numerous state and national boards. His research interests include e-learning, technical communication, and the societal influence of technology on education, training, culture, and commerce. He is also an award-winning author of several mystery novels.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Mental Health and Higher Education
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports
    • Contributor

    Mental health has become the subject of open, honest discussion in higher education and beyond. Fallout from the pandemic thrust mental health into an even broader, brighter spotlight, exposing long-standing sources of stress, anxiety, and depression and creating new ones. Mental health is integral to one’s ability to succeed academically, and colleges and universities must work to expose the sources and consequences of mental health disorders and find ways to address them.

  • Techniques for Student Engagement
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    What are some of the techniques and tools being used to engage students? A variety of instructors and technologists discuss their approaches to keeping students invested in their courses.

  • Meeting the Challenges of Remote Assessment [video]
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    • Author

    Asking faculty to reevaluate how they do assessment during the pandemic has created several challenges. These challenges not only touch on technical issues around proctoring, but also student access and equity.

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