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Thomas B. Cavanagh, Ph.D. is Associate Vice President of Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida (UCF). In this role he oversees the distance learning strategy, policies, and practices of the nation's second-largest university, including program and course design, development, and assessment. In his career, Tom has administered e-learning development for both academic (public and private) and industrial (Fortune 500, government/military) audiences. A regular presenter at academic and industry conferences, he is an award-winning instructional designer, program manager, faculty member, and administrator. Blended learning is a frequent presentation topic and he has spoken both domestically and internationally on its design and implementation. Tom has served as chair of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Advisory Board and on the 2015 EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting and 2012 EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference program committees. Other current and prior service includes the WCET Steering Committee, the Advisory Board of the Florida Distance Learning Association, the Chair of the Distance Learning and Student Services Members' Council of the Florida Virtual Campus, the Blackboard Mobile Learn Advisory Board, and as a track chair for the Sloan-C Conference on Blended Learning. Tom's research interests include e-learning, technical communication, and the societal influence of technology on education, training, culture, and commerce. He is also an award-winning author of several mystery novels.

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