Tim David


Tim David has over two decades of experience in the field of education, spanning technology management, leadership roles at one of the largest universities in the US, and national roles at a major consumer electronics company covering the education market, with influence on global education initiatives. As the national creative team lead, his group is charged with ensuring that customers have the knowledge and resources necessary to maximize technology for creating media in every area of education. Tim is a highly sought-after expert in education technology and media education, as well as an evangelist for accessible media in areas of closed captioning and audio descriptions.

Tim has past experience in media production ranging from film, television, live events and credited roles in major studio films. In the past, he has worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Imagineering, Harcourt School Publishers and University of Central Florida. He holds a Masters degree in Education Leadership, and a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership and sits on the board of directors for one of the fastest growing private K-12 schools in Central Florida.