Tim McGeary


Timothy M. McGeary is the Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology for the Duke University Libraries. In his role, Tim provides leadership for digital strategies programs and information technology services and operations within the Duke University Libraries, including management of Data and Visualization Services, Digital Collections and Curation Services, Assessment and User Experience, and three departments within Information Technology Services.  On behalf of the Duke University Libraries, Tim is the primary liaison to the Vice Provost of Research and the Office of Information Technology (OIT), as well as participates on a bi-monthly committee for Corporate Relations.  

Tim previously served as the Director of Library & Information Technology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and was responsible for the management of the Library & Information Technology Department, a service-oriented program that researches, develops, and supports advanced information systems for the Library, and ensures excellent operational management of information systems and support of end users. Tim provided leadership in coordinating and defining system requirements and tasks for library-wide projects and initiatives, as well as planning, budgeting, and setting policy for information resources and operations in the University Library. In 2013-2014, Tim served as the co-Chair for the Code4Lib 2014 national conference hosted in Raleigh, NC by the Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University libraries.

Tim has presented nationally and regionally on technology development, multi-institutional collaboration, managing electronic resources, open source solutions, and the Open Library Environment (OLE).  He is also published on topics of library technology and managing electronic resources as an investment portfolio.

Tim received his B.A. (Music) and M.S. in Information and Systems Engineering from Lehigh University with his thesis on a multi-period capital budgeting model of subscriptions to electronic resources published in "The Engineering Economist."

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