Tom Haymes


I have been consulting on education, technology, and empowered learning since 2017. I am particularly interested in the nexus of the teaching/learning and technology/design. In 2017-18 I was Director of Learning and Innovation at PBK Architects. I came to this role through my management and coordination of innovative learning projects culminating in the West Houston Institute at Houston Community College. At HCC I was Northwest College Director of Technology, a post which I held for over a decade. I also served as a faculty member in government at HCC. Prior to working at HCC, I worked for several Internet startups in Austin, Texas where I filled roles as diverse as Project Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Director of Marketing. My technical experience extends to 2½ years working for Apple and Motorola in a technical support and systems analyst role. I specialize in innovative change management in education and have published widely in technical and non-technical areas including The Three E Strategy for Technology Adoption, IDEASPACES (, and, most recently The FAR Strategy for integrating spaces, technology and educational design.  I have a keen interest in photography which I have been seriously pursuing since 1981, which was also coincidentally the year I got my first computer (Apple II+ with 48K of RAM, yeah!). Both writing and photography can be found at my site.

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