Tomàs Baiget


Founder and publisher of the scientific journal "El Profesional de la Información" (EPI) (1992 -)  

EPI is a commercial journal, fully self financed by subscriptions and APCs. Manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed.


Member of the Executive Board of E-LIS repository (Eprints on Library and Information Science). Quality assurance.


Professor of the online "Master on Digital Documentation" of the Pompeu Fabra University (2001-)


Creator and moderator of the list IweTel (1993-). Library and Information Science


Creator and moderator of the list Incyt (2007-). Indicators on Science and Technology


Creator and moderator of the list Comunicacion (2017-). Researchers on Social Communication


Founder and coordinator of the think tank "Analysis Group on Information Strategy and Prospective" (Thinkepi) (2005-)


Publisher and director of "Anuario ThinkEPI" (LIS yearbook) on Current Trends in Library and Information Science (2007-)


Founder and manager of Directory of Experts in Information Handling (EXIT)



Creator of IraLIS platform (International Registry of Authors- Links to Identify Scientists) (2005-)


Research interests:

1) Scientific publishing, Publishing ethics.

2) Personal & professional marketing, Networking.

3) Information market, Information industry, Information value, Information ROI. OA

4) Libraries future, information professionals



Pot gardening, Mountain hiking, Cooking (espec. Spanish and Greek cuisine), Wine tasting, Classical music, Choir music, Gregorian music, Journalism, Photography...

Barcelona, Spain

August 2019