Tonya Thomas


Edu Exec; Productivity Tech Influencer; Online Learning Expert; Professor, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Effectiveness Coach

I'm at my absolute BEST leading 21st-century projects, processes, and education for a forward-thinking organization. I'm a life coach, an educator, a certified project manager, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. I specialize in the visioning, planning, design, and execution of 21st Century projects and processes—and creating modern learning solutions to support learners' needs as they engage in improvement and innovation. I'm also passionate about mentoring/empowering the next generation of Digital-Age educators. I've been told that I'm a "unicorn"​ in geek's clothing, having broader bandwidth and processing capacity than most, along with a killer toolkit and an uncommon breadth of skills/experience amassed over an entire career. I believe in using these "Super Powers"​ to be a force for Good.

I put form to vision.
I bring light to darkness.
I annihilate conflict.
I bring calm to chaos.
...and Batman's utility belt's got nothing on MY Killer Toolkit.