Traci Temple


Traci Temple works as the Director, Planning and Assessment in DELTA. She provides leadership, strategic direction and support to DELTA’s Senior Management Team in research and assessment including the evaluation and implementation of DELTA’s strategic plans and assessment activities for DE services, programs, and courses.

During her career, Traci has provided instructional technology and design support to faculty across all academic disciplines. She has presented her research and work at regional, national and international conferences, including an invitation to present at the National Institute for Multimedia Education, Chiba, Japan. Her collaborative work has also received notable awards and grants (i.e., Computerworld Honors, Graphis Student Design, and Batelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs).

Traci earned a Ph.D. in Art Education, a M.A. in Visual Communication Design, and a B.S. in Allied Medicine/Medical Illustration from The Ohio State University. In addition to her position in DELTA, she holds an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching appointment in the College of Design where she teaches graduate research, life drawing, and intermediate drawing. Her research interests are comprised of visual culture, image text relationships, and course redesign for improving student learning in higher education. Traci continues to illustrate medical and clinical texts when requested and has a studio where she works in oil to paint portraits, still life subjects, vintage subject matter, and narrative scenes.

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