Tracie Ortiz


Hello. My name is Tracie Ortiz, and I work with the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) as an Instructional Designer. I enjoy collaborating with other faculty in their expertise on interesting subjects, including how to develop courses in new environments that afford engaging learning opportunities for both students and faculty. I am a former ‘practicing’ teacher for individuals with hearing loss under the field of Special Education. I received my Master’s degree in Communication Disorders in 1996 from Lamar University. Having a husband who was in the Navy provided the opportunity to teach in various locations, including Texas, California, and Hawaii, in grades K-12. I have worked as an adjunct professor in these locations as well. While in Hawaii, along with earning my PhD in Educational Technology, I had the opportunity to meet very inquisitive and intelligent 5th graders at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind. They embraced the use of technologies at the school and made using the Mac computer system a “piece of cake.” Opportunities were endless in their eyes and their fascination was contagious. It inspired me to delve deeper and focus on the concept of accessible course design in meeting the needs of all learners in an online environment-specifically Universal Design for Learning (UDL) where accessible course design is created at the onset of development for all learners. Along with UDL, my interests include technological applications through pedagogy that embrace diversity in cultures as well as diversity in learning. Current and previous experiences have afforded me the opportunity to continually grow as an educator regardless of my location or university affiliation.

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