Tracy Mitrano


Tracy Mitrano is the Academic Dean of the University of Massachusetts Cybersecurity Programs. Formerly the Director of IT Policy at Cornell University, Dr. Mitrano also holds a position of Visiting Professor of Law and Communications at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, and in the Ithaca College Executive Master's Program in Ithaca, New York. As the Director of Cornell's Internet Culture Policy and Law Program since 2001, she co-organized with Professor Daniel Solove the Higher Education Privacy Conference. Since 2014 she has also acted as an expert for SafeGov. Dr. Mitrano has held board positions for EDUCAUSE, the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Arts Education, the New York State Board of Education Task Force on Distance Education, and the Tompkins County Public Library and its broadband committee of the legislature. She also was the director of the EDUCAUSE Hawkins Leadership Roundtable, the Executive Leadership Program, and the Annual Institute (2003–2005); and served on the faculty of the Online Consortium Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Education, the EDUCAUSE Seminars on Academic Computing, the Executive Leadership Institute, and the Frye Leadership Institute. Dr. Mitrano has English and history bachelors of arts degrees from the University of Rochester, a master's and doctorate in American history from Binghamton University, and a juris doctor degree from Cornell Law School. Before retiring from Cornell, Dr. Mitrano taught culture, law, and politics of the Internet in the Department of Computer Information Science at Cornell; American legal history at Syracuse University; and American social history at the University of Buffalo. In 2005, she taught Internet Law at the MiNe Program, Universite Cattolica in Piacenza, Italy, and also spoke at the International Conference on Piracy and Counterfeiting sponsored by the U.S. Italy Embassy at the Consulate in Florence. In 2014, she was a keynote speaker at the American University of Beirut. Finally, as principal of Mitrano & Associates, Dr. Mitrano has served clients including Internet2, the New York Public Library, the University of Massachusetts System, UMass Amherst, the University of Delaware, Tufts, and Washington and Lee University.

EDUCAUSE Publications

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    With the appropriate policies and standards, higher education institutions can avoid the controversy around body-worn cameras. The FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy is key to acceptance and effective implementation — and fairness.

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    Within the last year a vast literature has emerged on outsourcing and cloud computing. This memo will not attempt to rewrite that which has already been written and can easily be obtained for more information on the subject.

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    This ECAR research bulletin reviews some of the basic tenets of copyright in the digital millennium. Specifically, it discusses the ways in which copyright law, fair use provisions, and the TEACH Act interact with today's teaching and learning, especially the use of Web 2.

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