Valerie Rake


Learning Systems and Infrastructure in the Office of Distance Education and eLearning provides the online learning technology at The Ohio State University. This includes the LMS service, lecture capture, webinar, classroom response, wiki, and blogging systems, as well as the infrastructure for the equipment used in physical classrooms. I am Associate Director for eLearning Support in the Learning Systems and Infrastructure area of the Office of Distance Education and eLearning. My group includes people specializing in training, technical support, and application admin. My particular responsibilities on the team include project management, business analysis, relations with end-users and allied teams, and overall communications. We ALL provide technical support and training, though my valiant teammates do more of that than I do! I have an academic background, with a PhD in Women's and US History. I taught full-time for 3 years before switching to staff positions in department administration and then instructional technology support, training, and administration.