Ronni Wilkinson


Veronica "Ronni" Wilkinson is the Director of IT Services for the College of Engineering and Computing at the University of South Carolina. She has worked professionally in IT at the university since 1997, serving in various roles throughout her career, including stints as the university's Information Security Officer and as an instructor and designer of various courses in digital forensics, ethical hacking, OSINT, and social engineering for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. She holds two bachelor’s degrees (Mathematics and Computer Science) and a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina as well as various other industry certifications.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Higher Education Regulated Research Workshop Series: A Collective Perspective
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    After an eight month effort concluding in June of 2021, 155 participants from 84 research institutions from across the United States gathered in six facilitated, NSF-sponsored workshop sessions to determine if coming together as a community could improve the support of individual programs to secure regulated data in research involving the Department of Defense or health sciences.

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