Vicky Carwile


For Vicky Carwile, it’s all about the details. When she first joined John Tyler Community College in 1986 those details focused on numbers, but as technology advanced Ms. Carwile’s interests evolved, and her career transitioned into telecommunications. Armed with knowledge of state policies and procedures, as well as auditing skills, Ms. Carwile quickly realized the importance and challenge of maintaining security procedures that are rigid enough to protect, yet fluid enough to handle the ever-changing IT arena. She was instrumental in the implementation of the first VoIP system within state government and played a key role in conversion to PeopleSoft, a mission-critical resource system for the Virginia Community College System. Currently, as the telecom & IT security administrator and Information Security Officer, Ms. Carwile manages the College’s security awareness and training program, works closely with PeopleSoft security and administers the College’s telecommunications.