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Vince Kellen, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice Provost for Analytics & Technologies at the University of Kentucky, one of the top public research institutions and academic medical centers in the U.S. Dr. Kellen brings a rare combination of business, academic and IT architecture experience to his role, with a focus on transformational leadership within IT. Dr. Kellen is a senior consultant and Business Technology Council member with the leading IT industry think-tank, Cutter Consortium, where he writes on business and IT strategies. Dr. Kellen also speaks nationally and internationally on IT strategy topics. Since 1998, he has served as a faculty member and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses on IT and strategy, enterprise architecture, and information systems. In his role, Dr. Kellen leads a staff of 275 supporting 28,000 students, 18 colleges, and 13,000 employees, and manages the planning of and support for IT strategic planning, enterprise software, high performance computing, learning spaces, classroom technology, learning management systems, business intelligence, student information systems, data center operations, network infrastructure, distance learning, and information technology support. Dr. Kellen serves on advisory boards to top IT companies, including Dell, AT&T, Apple and Blackboard, and co-hosts with IT futurist Thornton May, a regional Kentucky CIO forum called The CIO Practicum. Dr. Kellen is a recipient of the coveted CIO Magazine Top 100 award in 2007, a 2012 Dell Transformational CIO award, author of four books on database technology, and author of more than 200 articles and presentations on IT and business strategy topics. Dr. Kellen earned his Ph.D. in computer science from DePaul University.

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  • The Origins of Innovation in the Edtech Ecosystem
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    The learning management system as we have known it is fading in its importance. Supplanting it are hundreds of tools and innovations, created by a plethora of vendors, institutions, students, and instructors in a frothy, bubbling world known as the edtech ecosystem.

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