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Virginia Kuhn is the Associate Director of the Institute for Multimedia Literacy (IML), an organized research unit of USC's School of Cinematic Arts. The IML features an Honors in Multimedia Scholarship program (which enrolls undergraduates from across the campus and culminates in a digital thesis project), a minor in Digital Studies and several graduate classes. All IML classes blend theory and practice, so all include a hands-on component. Kuhn directs the Honors program, supervises IML faculty and teaches all levels of graduate and undergraduate courses. She also serves as Assistant Professor in the School of Cinematic Arts. Kuhn's research centers on the changing nature of communication and expression in the 21st century and she focuses specifically on the interaction between humanists and technologists. She maintains that humanists must help to shape the tools for digital creation and scholarship. Indeed she created one of the country’s only born-digital, media-rich dissertations challenging copyright law and archiving conventions. Her dissertation was created in the TK3, an early version of the open source, multimedia software platform which has recently been funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, and she has been involved in its development for several years. Kuhn is also working on a persistent digital portfolio made to house native digital work. She has published in several peer-reviewed digital journals such as ebr (electronic book review), Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy and Academic Commons, as well as in more traditional print publications. She is an assistant editor of the Praxis section of Kairos, and serves on the editorial board for several journals.

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