Jennie Lawrence


Greetings, my name is Virginia Louise Lawrence nevertheless, please call me Jennie and I am in the process of shifting from 16 years of employment in Healthcare, as a certified nurse aide. I have been making a change in my life; which includes a Master of Science Communications Technology - Network Communications degree (Pending). I have already achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Radford University - Graphic Arts (12/1984). From January 2008 forward volunteering with nonprofit organizations has helped me learn and produce; providing invaluable information and experiences, as well as, producing positive results; I have been volunteering my time and industries assisting NPO/NGO's achieve some of their goals technologically; not all but some. I hope to continue to assist NPO/NGO's, as the experience has been enriching socially, emotionally, and developmentally rewarding... Moodle is based on a pedagogy (the art, science, or career of teaching; especially; education) applications that are based on four educational principals: Constructivism which assembles or creates new knowledge as people or applications interact together, Constructionist learning takes place when instructing or creating elements surrounding an experience, Social Constructivism is a collaborative effort combining a social group assembling things for one another and their shared experience and meanings, and the motives of people in discussion are Connected and Separate behavior; Connected in that a greater subjective empathetic approach is taken in listening, asking questions, and understanding someone else's point of view and Separate in remaining insensitive to others ideas defending the facts and logic to find loop-holes in participant's arguments. On the other hand Constructed behavior demonstrates an appropriate use of either the Connected or Separate approaches in a given situation. Consequentially the idea surfaces that both teacher and student are continually learning from their experiences. Obviously Moodle cannot impose this method of activity, but supports the concept of pedagogy. Forthcoming improvements to the overall technical infrastructure of moodle architecture will support improvements in the pedagogical model.