Von Welch


Von Welch is the director of Indiana University’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR). He specializes in cybersecurity for distributed systems, particularly scientific collaborations and federated identity. Current roles include PI and director for the Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure, a project dedicated to helping NSF science projects with their cybersecurity needs, and CSO of the Software Assurance Market Place, a DHS-funded facility to foster software assurance and software assurance research. Previously he has worked with a range of high-visibility projects to provide cybersecurity to the broader scientific and engineering community, including TeraGrid, Open Science Grid, Ocean Observatory Infrastructure, and GENI. His work in software and standards includes authoring two IETF RFCS and the development of several security systems for distributed computing including CILogon and MyProxy.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Mingling at the Dance (2020 Update): Cybersecurity and Science Cultures
    • Blog

    The National Science Foundation’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, led by Indiana University, continues to offer educational workshops and provide actionable guidance to help information security professionals have productive discussions about risk and data protection and successfully partner with scientists and researchers.

  • Mingling at the Dance: Cybersecurity and Science Cultures
    • Blog

    Grant-funded science projects face a number of unique challenges related to cybersecurity, and scientists also face short deadlines and limited funding. The NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence provides some actionable guidance for information security professionals to have productive discussions about risk and security and successfully partner with scientists.

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