Bill Mitchell


Mr. Mitchell has been involved in computing since 1972 when he began working with the Colorado Department of Education. He came to University of Missouri - Columbia in 1977 as Student Systems Manager. After seven years in administrative computing, Mr. Mitchell then moved into academic computing as Director of Computing Services for MU and later as Director of Advanced Technology Projects for MU. In 1990, he became the Executive Director of the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet), a state consortium providing Internet access and support services to 1,100 sites. Mr. Mitchell is a founding member of the Columbia Online Information Network (COIN), a community internet-based public access system. In 1999, he also assumed the responsibilities of Associate Vice President, Telecommunications, for the University of Missouri System. Mr. Mitchell now serves as Executive Director of the Great Plains Network. The Great Plains Network develops and maintains a high-performance network that meets the needs of the membership's research community; is a resource for cyberinfrastructure to the membership; and supports multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research and education initiatives that require advanced cyberinfrastructure. GPN members includes 24 research institutions in nine states and also connects most other higher education institutions, school districts and public libraries in those states to Internet2. Mr. Mitchell has served as the national co-chair, Internet2 K20 Initiative and Chair of FARNET (the Federation of American Research Networks) and has served on numerous other boards, including the Seminars on Academic Computing, NET@EDU and the Great Plains Network. He was recognized for his contribution to the library community by being named to the American Library Association's National Advocacy Honor Roll. Mr. Mitchell has a B.S. in Statistics and M.B.A. from the University of Colorado.

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