William Confalonieri


William Confalonieri is Chief Digital Officer and Vice-President with Deakin University Australia, originally being appointed first Deakin’s CIO in January 2012. William has been awarded Chief Information Officer of the Year by ITNews at the Australian CIO Strategy Summit in February 2014. Having a passion for emerging technologies he believes that digital innovations and changes in technological paradigms will significantly transform Deakin University over the next few years, with the evolving expectations on rich digital experiences being the enablers of that transformation. William has a blend of public and private sector experience, strong technical and business skills, experience in managing large dispersed teams, and a track record of large scale IT transformations. William is elected President of McKinnon Secondary College after serving many years as a Council member. William is also non-executive Director of VERNet Pty Ltd and the Australian Access Federation, and Editorial Advisory Board Member with ITNews Australia. William has postgraduate qualifications in Computer Science, Business and Economics, he is a certified Enterprise Architect and a graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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    Evolving technology enables us to move from digital transactions to digital relationships, shaking the foundations of all businesses and forcing them to preemptively disrupt from within or risk being unable to respond to external disruptions.