Bill Rider


Manager of Data Security and Disaster Recovery for Johns Hopkins Hospital and University. Responsibilities include managing the data security administration and analysis functions and the development, maintenance and testing of the disaster recovery and business contingency capabilities for the Johns Hopkins Hospital and University Information Systems areas. Prior job was the Manager of Business Recovery Services for Moore Business Communications Services managing a print/mail recovery center for high volume print/mail applications. Prior to that, eleven years at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland as an auditor, disaster recovery coordinator, and the supervisor for data security and disaster recovery. Past member of the Certification Board of Directors for the Disaster Recovery Institute International, the Editorial Advisory Board for the Disaster Recovery Journal, the Editorial Advisory Board for Contingency Planning & Management magazine, current member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Continuity Insights, and president of the Business Continuity Planning Workgroup For Healthcare Organizations (BCPWHO). Thirty + years experience in Healthcare I.T. with twenty-two of those being in disaster recovery and data security.