Bill Knapp


Bill Knapp has over twenty years of higher education experience supporting faculty in the selection, use, and application of technology for teaching and learning. He currently serves as Executive Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bill has presented at numerous eLearning and faculty professional development conferences on topics related to online student success, teaching presence, and learner engagement.

Conference Presentations:

- ETOM Fall Conference (virtual), November 2021 - Concerning Equity and Distance Learning

- GRCC Summer Teaching & Learning Institute (virtual), July 2021 - What have we learned about Virtual (synchronous) Teaching & Learning?

- GRCC Learning Day (virtual), January 2021 - Teaching & Learning with Zoom

- Trends Conference, Grand Rapids, MI, October 2019 - Mixing IT Up in the Classroom

- ETOM Fall Conference, Allendale, MI, November 2019 - Open Pedagogy: Learning by Doing

- Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, Madison, WI, August 2019  - Integrating Synchronous Technologies within the Asynchronous Course

- eLearning 2018, Tucson, AZ, February 2018 - Designing for Student Success: Fostering self-regulated learning skills though online course design

- eLearning 2017, St. Petersburg, FL, February 2017 - Smartphone Learning

- Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM) Retreat, Tustin, MI, June 2016, Keynote Speaker - Online Student Success and Advancing a Culture of Innovation

- eLearning 2016, Scottsdale, AZ - February 2016 Connecting the Distance Learner: Supporting Academic Persistence using Social Media Technology

- The Knowledge Exchange, Kirtland, OH - October 2015 Student Persistence: Connecting the Online Learner

- eLearning 2015, Las Vegas, NV - February 2015 Student Voices: Online Student Success

- eLearning 2014, Orlando, FL - February 2014 Using Badges to Increase Capacity for Teaching Online

- 5th Annual Quality Matters Conference on Quality Assurance in Online Education, Nashville, TN - October 2013 Re-designing for Success: Student Engagement, QM Standards and Blended Learning Design

- Sloan-C 5th Annual Blended Learning Conference & Workshop, Milwaukee, WI - July 2013 Blended+ Supporting Blended Learning using Google Communities

- The Knowledge Exchange, Kirtland, OH - March 2012 Holden University Center's State-of-the-Art Technology

- OETC, Columbus, OH - February 2012 Lakeland Community College Holden University Center

- Ohio Learning Network (OLN) Spring Colloquium, Columbus, OH - April 2011 Pecha Kucha presentation: Sustainability and Learning Technology

- Lilly North, Traverse City, MI - September, 2010 Quality vs Quantity: Faculty driving change in the online environment, co-presented with Jody Ollenquist and Bea Griffith-Cooper

- Campus Technology 2009 Beyond Mastering Digital Worlds, Boston, MA - July 2009 Poster Session: Blended Learning and the Time-Space Continuum, co-presenting with Meegan Lillis

- SPRE Teaching Institute, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT - January 2009 Wikis and Collaborative Learning, co-presented with Sue Hastings-Bishop

- Lilly North Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century, Traverse City, MI - September 2008 Peeking Under the Hood and Kicking the Tires: Simulated CMS for Student Readiness, co-presented with Meegan Lillis Poster Session: A Program for Online Instructor Certification, co-presented with Randy Vance

- Computers and Writing Conference Open Source as Technology and Concept, Athens, GA - May 2008 Wiki-based Collaborative Writing and Active Learning, co-presented with Kimn Carlton-Smith

- Teaching & Learning with Technology Conference Enhancing the Student Experience, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN - March 2008 Reluctant Engagement: Learning History using Wikis - the Student Perspective, co-presented with Kimn Carlton-Smith

- Spring Learning Institute Use of Technology to Enhance Students' Learning, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI - February 2008 Keynote Address: The Use of Wikis in Enhancing Students Learning: How Wikis Revolutionized The Teaching of a Course on the Turbulent 60s, co-presented with Kimn Carlton-Smith Social Bookmarking:

- AHEAD Conference, Charlotte, NC - May 2007 Using Online Service Delivery to Empower and Support Students with Disabilities (SWDs), co-presented with Eunice Merwin, Gloria Lukusa-Barnett

- WebCT Users Conference, Chicago, IL - July 2006 Using WebCT Tools to Support Students with Disabilities, co-presented with Eunice Merwin

- 2006 Spring Learning Institute, How to Create Community in the Classroom, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI - April 2006 Building Community with Wikis