William Deigaard


William Deigaard is currently the Director for Networking, Telecommunications, and Data Center Operations, a divison of the Information Technology department, at Rice University. This team is responsible for the design, development, integration, and operation of the core IT infrastructure for the Rice University campus and associated collaborations (such as the Southeast Texas GigaPOP). William Deigaard has been both a student and a staff member at Rice University. He arrived in the Fall of 1988, majored in English and Computer Science, started working as a Unix systems administrator, graduated in '93, and has continuted to work for Rice ever since. An advisor described Computer Science as, "problem solving with the computer as a tool." This sounded pretty good to William, and has led to a a more general approach of problem solving with technology fundamental component. William's primary interests have do do with communication systems, information delivery systems, and good glue (integration). He is also now the father of two amazing girls, which constantly reminds him about how simple technology really is.