Sharon Glantz Glantz


Z. Sharon Glantz, playwright, author, computer designer, producer, organizer and online facilitator, has focused her talents on education products and performances. • For ten years, three of her educational plays were used by corporations, government agencies and educational institutions as part of training on issues of sexual harassment, HIV/AIDS and the aging workforce. • She wrote the script for a laser show about the history of Singapore for their K-12 system. • She developed the script and format for a mixed media presentation on the holocaust that toured middle and high schools. • Her contribution to Stages of Ages¸ Rechilding Your Inner Child co-authored with Elaine Childs-Gowell, Ph.D. a book on the therapeutic intervention of reparenting, was converted into two award-winning one-act plays. • She led instructional workshops and facilitated writing and discussion groups online for OMNI Magazine and in Second Life. • Her book The Sanity Patrol Is Out To Get You uses verse to explore psychological theories and issues, parts of which were produced as live theater and virtual theater. • She served as program director for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference. • She developed the media portion of English composition courses at ITT. • She has written, produced, directed and acted in educational virtual theater. Most of her projects were in collaboration with instructors and training experts. Although a creative thinker, Ms. Glantz has honed her critical thinking skills while working as a legal assistant in various areas of law.