Zach Roros


I've been working for Coho Data since February 2015 and have to say that I've never had so much fun. This company is changing the way on-prem storage is done. When you think of most storage systems, your storage systems administrator has to be in the system for multiple hours each day, right? My customers say, "set it and forget it!" Another customer says that I go into the GUI once a month to see how much capacity I'm going to need over the next thirty days just to make sure that I have enough storage. Capacity planning goes the wayside! Our system is pay as you grow, invisible, and nearly fully automatic. Most companies are considering moving data to the public cloud to save OPEX and CAPEX costs, but that comes with it's challenges. With Coho Data's NVMe PCIe and SDN powered solution, we can deliver excellent performance and scale-out capacity for under $0.10/GB with 60 months of support, plus: Coho's SDDC Design Reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs by over 50% Our all flash system delivers uo to 75% Reduction in RU, Power & Cooling Balanced Scale-out architecture, as you add capacity, you also add performance and network to ensure microsecond latency Ease of use - Add new chassis with no reconfiguration on the customer side - Add capacity easily as you grow and without having to over-provision up front - Automated system with minimal training required - Eliminate Islands of Storage - No LUNS, No RAID, No Masking or Zoning... Future Proof to Keep Pace with Moore’s Law Rack-Converged Server Storage vs Hyper-Converged MicroServices with Container Support You've got to see this system to believe it. HP and Intel invested in Coho Data and HP is going to be reselling our technology later this year. So let's set up a presentation to discuss your storage needs.