Zevi Wolmark


American actor Zevi Wolmark was born on August 19, 1962 in San Francisco. As a young child, he and his family moved to New York where Zevi started his acting career at an early age. Wolmark recognized his passion for acting quite early and dedicated his life to mastering the craft. During his high school days, Zevi Wolmark took every opportunity to appear in theater productions of old classics. After graduating there was no doubt in his mind that acting is the one and only career for him. At the age of 18 he left his home and moved to Los Angeles looking for a better life. There he was able to enroll at some acting classes and after a few months he got the opportunity he was waiting for, being casted for a movie. Luck turned to him, as he won one of the leading roles in the teenage movie "The Truth Behind". After that more successful roles followed, and Wolmark reached international stardom and fame. In the next period he appeared in different genre of movies, which made him known as a versatile actor. After working on a television series he was determined to follow his passion and appear on the big screens. His feature-length film debut role launched his career and helped him establish valuable contacts with prominent Hollywood names. In 1993 Zevi Wolmark worked on an animated adaptation of a musical, and later that year he had his first appearance in a parody of western film. The film turned out to be a huge success, winning over great reviews from both critics and viewers, and earning over $100 million domestically, pushing the comic envelope with its satire.